Our Story

"There is something deeply satisfying in shaping something with your hands. "

The best things are handmade.

Accessories are so much fun to wear, also espadrilles for summer outings.. I personally have an obsession with anything that’s original, handmade and different. . I love vibrant colors that pop , colorful scrunchies, headbands and other accessories that makes me stylish anytime of the day. Well, this little tiendita(store) focuses on those fun fashionable accessories you can wear.. I love color and any vibrant fun material. All handmade things that can last years because of the love imputed while sewing.

In 2020, so many things happened to our world. so many were left wondering what to do. I took the opportunity to focus on my passion. So much time that it made me realize what I love to do. I reevaluated all my talents and a new idea was born. I finally found a way to combine my passion for fashion with a desire to make things loved by women. A sewed mask to protect us while battling a pandemic. Through all that my crafty mind found love through one espadrille for myself, then headbands which I wear a lot , scrunchies and oh my lip gloss in which I have many obsessions for. I have combined all these favorites into my little shop. I hand Make Everything myself. I can’t believe I can finally put it out there because it’s the love of hand craftsmanship that’s really calming to me..

I love sewing and making pretty things. I enjoy lip glosses and lipstick of every shade. These range of things I’ve learned while in my late 20’s when cosmetology school was a big thing and sewing classes were given in high school . it’s a dream to be able to show you all my most precious sewing in many different items for everyone to enjoy as well as my handmade cosmetics.

Today, I am happy to have Fly Sew Lovely Tiendita and will continue to make many pretty things all handmade . Where you all can enjoy colors, fun fabric, vegan and cruelty free products all with love. .. thank you so much for supporting a dream.

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We have a Collection of Many Handmade Items to match your style. Our Stylish Face Mask in many prints that you can wear with any outfit. Also, Scrunchies, Headbands and Handmade Cosmetics to help your everyday Look. You can finish your look with our Stylish Espadrilles...Enjoy!

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