Magnetic Lashes Kit Collection

Expanding The Collection of Makeup for all the babes out there who love a bit of everything. Not only does Lip Gloss make a look but so does your Eye Lashes. Here we have a nice Collection of either dramatic to Natural Eye Lash to fit any day. They are Magnectic and easier to wear. Take a look as we will be having lots of styles added to this lovely all women shop.

Welcome to Flysewlovely Boutique. We have a range of Handmade Stylish Face Mask, Scrunchies and Headbands in many prints to match your style. We Also carry  Handmade Lip Gloss, Lipsticks, Eye Lashes and many other items son to come. Check us out.

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We have a Collection of Many Handmade Items to match your style. Our Stylish Face Mask in many prints that you can wear with any outfit. Also, Scrunchies, Headbands and Handmade Cosmetics to help your everyday Look. You can finish your look with our Stylish Espadrilles...Enjoy!

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