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Hocus Pocus Face Mask


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This exclusive Hocus Pocus Face Mask is definitely one of the best ever for this years festivities.

Being a lover of the Hocus Pocus Movie and all 3 sisters, we all can be our fashionable selfs with it in a cotton,

soft and light weight face mask on this halloween.

The inside has a premium cotton blend off white Material 100 cotton antibacterial to keep you feeling comfortable at all times.

Let's enjoy the festivities around the town with fun mask.

Handmade with a lot of love. Happy halloween!!

Hocus Pocus Face Mask

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We have a Collection of Many Handmade Items to match your style. Our Stylish Face Mask in many prints that you can wear with any outfit. Also, Scrunchies, Headbands and Handmade Cosmetics to help your everyday Look. You can finish your look with our Stylish Espadrilles...Enjoy!

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